Pre-K in Clarkston


Picture this...

Nestled between Georgia Perimeter College and Clarkson's bustling apartment complexes lies a small white building that teems with beaming children seven days a week. Kids jump out of their mothers' minivans or off the bus and race across the parking lot hand in hand with their siblings, their brightly-colored backpacks haphazardly thrown over their shoulders and the excitement to learn written across their faces.  


Welcome to Early Learning Scholars II.

Early Learning Scholars II is a lottery-subsidized daycare and pre-school in Clarkston run by a compassionate and hardworking woman named Ms. April and her equally committed staff. Ms. April works from 6 am to 6 pm every day, tirelessly dedicating herself to making sure that her students are provided with the best environment in which they can learn not only learn core subjects, but have fun and learn to treat one another with kindness and respect. 


An incredible opportunity

This spring and summer, I was welcomed into this school community and given the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of dozens of families by providing them with pictures of their children. On a couple of occasions, I set up a mini-studio outside of the school, and Ms. April invited the parents to bring their whole families. Spending time with and presenting these photos to exuberant families has filled me with unspeakable joy. A beautiful illustration of Clarkston's diversity, the school fits the whole world within its classrooms and by extension crosses boundaries between families that traditionally divide the world.