Excited for your last year of high school (or to finish it)? Looking for affordable and fun senior photos? Look no further!

Now scheduling SENIOR PORTRAIT SHOOTS for the class of 2020!

Great for college commitment and graduation announcements, social media, sending to family members, yearbook spreads, and more! 

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Hi! My name is Lauren Hutson. I'm an Atlanta native currently attending UNC Chapel Hill. I Over the past few years, I have become enamored with photography and have worked not only to create a digital portfolio of my work but to document how I have utilized my passion to better serve my community and to encourage those around me to take the same actions. You can see some of my personal work under the "Personal" page!

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I work in the areas of family and portrait photography. This title encapsulates Christmas card photos, senior portraits, conceptual commissions, and my foundation (see "People Not Projects.") I acknowledge that the concept of hiring a young adult to take important photos may seem daunting, but I'm always striving to surmount these suspicions by working especially hard to provide you with photos that shed the best possible light upon you (no pun intended!)

my foundation


I also run a charity organization called People Not Projects in support of the refugee families living in Clarkston, GA. I've concluded that we often forget how fortunate we are to have easy and constant access to photography by means of our cell phones and cameras; the photographs of our families that we consider part of our day-to-day being are often unfathomable luxuries to those coming to America who have none. My goal is to provide these families with photographs of their loved ones to foster a sense of identity and belongingness.

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Thank you for taking the time to view my site and for supporting my work! I look forward to working with you all!

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